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Metabolic Efficiency Testing

Metabolic Efficiency is a systematic nutrition and exercise approach to improve the body's ability to use its internal nutrient  stores, carbohydrate and fat. The average person has approximately 1,400 - 2,000 calories of carbohydrate and 50,000 - 80,000 calories of fat stored in the  body.  The body is incredibly complex system, but it is also highly adaptable. It can be taught to oxidize (burn) more carbohydrate or fat in a surprisingly short amount of time. Burning more carbohydrate will allow the body to store more fat.  Burning more fat will allow the body to preserve the small amount of carbohydrates it has.

Metabolic Efficiency


  • There are multiple fitness and athletic performance (will vary on the individual) when nutrition and exercise protocol are periodized and implemented correctly

    • Improved body composition​

    • Improved energy levels and alertness throughout the day

    • Improved cognition

    • Improved power to weight ratio

    • Better sleep

    • Improved running velocity

  • Health and overall well-being : Improving blood sugar control through nutrition can improve metabolic efficiency and lower risk factors associated with metabolic disease:

    • Decrease waistline

    • Decrease triglycerides

    • Improve HDL-cholesterol

    • Lower blood pressure

    • Decrease fasting blood sugar

Metabolic Efficiency

is NOT

  • A low carb, keto, or no carb diet approach. Not here. Metabolic Efficiency DOES NOT support extremes. The goal is to optimize the body's ability to use carbohydrate and fat both at rest and during training for the long-term.

  • Another diet. It is a combination of BOTH exercise and nutrition combined that follow a periodized approach throughout your health and fitness journey. It is adopted as a lifestyle approach rather than a quick fix.

  • Staying in the "fat burning" or aerobic zone. Aerobic training does in fact enhance the body's ability to utilize fat for fuel; however, this is only 25% of the Metabolic Efficiency equation. The other 75% is your daily nutrition, blood sugar balance and periodizing your nutrition to match your training

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