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At a Dash of Dana we believe in empowering athlete's with the knowledge and skills they need to support their bodies for both health and peak athletic performance! By partnering with other professionals who follow the same values with their athletes, we can provide a more comprehensive service. 

As professionals, we cannot individually be experts in all areas of health, nutrition, exercise science, coaching, physiology, and the-like. These partners help build the foundation for athletes' health and performance.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership, I would love to schedule a get to know you call to explore the possibility of partnering. Examples of offerings include:

  • Virtual or in person workshops for your team

  • Troubleshooting calls for navigating athlete's nutrition

  • Articles or guest blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Facebook Q & A

  • Instagram live

  • Podcasts

  • Referral arrangements

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