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At A Dash of Dana, we are passionate about helping you reach peak performance by supporting your body in all that you love to do. We understand that nutrition plays an essential role in health and performance and are committed to providing athletes with science-based resources and guidance so they reach their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Do you accept insurance?

All payments are out of pocket. I do accept FSA or HSA cards, but I recommend calling your card issuer to ensure nutrition services are covered.

2 / Do you work with eating disorders or disordered eating?

I do not work with clients who have active eating disorders. I do work with clients who are in recovery from eating disorders and/or have a history of disordered eating who are also actively being supported by a therapist.

3 / Do you work with weight loss? 

I take a holistic approach to nourishing the body and supporting optimal health and performance over a focal point of weight loss. While body composition change and weight loss can be a natural part of the journey as we best support your body, I don't promote or promise weight loss in my program. You ask a lot of your body every day. Our goal is to support your body in taking on those demands so you can promote health, longevity and performance.

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