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Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

The Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs) workshop will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to adequately fuel and support your body as an athlete.


This workshop will cover performance and health risks associated with REDS, how to prevent and treat REDS, navigating negative body image, and much more. ​

The REDs workshop is for:

  • Athletes who experience disordered eating and struggle with their relationship with food. 

  • Athletes struggling with their mental health (e.g. anxiety and depression). 

  • Athletes who want to learn more about how to properly fuel their body before, during, and after exercise.

  • Coaches, parents, trainers, and anyone else within an athlete’s support system who want to learn more about how to support their athletes physical and mental health. 


Understanding the importance of fueling to perform in BOTH life and sport is so important. Food is fuel and provides nourishment to your body so you can support it in doing everything you love each and every day.

The REDS workshop is about supporting you on your way to achieving your performance goals while nourishing your body and mind in the process.

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