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More Than an

Naturally, there comes a time when every athlete will move on from their sport. This could be due to graduation, injury, retirement, or simply being more excited for the next phase of life. What this means for the athlete is they will be the one that dictates and controls how and when to workout, what to eat, how to look, and what personal goals to set for themselves. What is often not addressed is the identity shift and day-to-day activities that come with graduating high school and college or retiring from a professional sport, and can be rather daunting. 


This workshop will provide athletes with valuable insights and practical tools to navigate the challenging transition from a sports-focused lifestyle to a more diversified and holistic approach to well-being. The workshop will cover essential aspects such as body transition and acceptance, intuitive eating, and mindset shifts. 


An athlete’s life after sport is a unique opportunity to redirect their energy, focus, drive, and determination to the next chapter of their life. Having a comprehensive toolkit will help simplify and navigate the multifaceted challenges of transitioning out of a sports-centric lifestyle. While it can be a little scary moving on from a sport that has helped define an athlete into the person they are today, every lesson an athlete has learned can be used in their life after sport. 


Let us help you in this challenging but exciting time of life!

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